Can There be Jungian Spirituality?
A Workshop with James Arraj - DVD

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Can There be a Jungian Spirituality?

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This is a wide-ranging workshop given in August, 1991 at the Spiritual Life Center, Wichita, Kansas to professionals and practitioners in the field of Christian spirituality which explores the question of using C.G. Jung's psychology in the spiritual life. It starts with an explanation of what Jungian psychology was like in Jung, himself, and how it functions, for example, through typology. Here it gives an actual typological interview of an introverted thinking type (taken from the video Jung's Psychological Types on Video.) Then it goes on to focus on why the Jungian-Christian dialogue has failed to flourish because of the philosophical infrastructure present in Jung's outlook. It examines how a genuine partnership of Christian spirituality and Jungian psychology, that would not reject Jung's psychology as a danger to Christianity, or identify it with the Christian life of prayer, could function in evaluating topics as diverse as scrupulosity, Marian devotion and the Charismatic movement.


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