Simple Living Photo Gallery


simplelifbirdandmom.gif (52779 bytes)
Our neighbors

simplelifedadandbread.gif (49003 bytes)
Bread making time

simplelifedadandhouse.gif (51165 bytes)
Building our house


simplelifehomeschool.gif (45284 bytes)
Home school

simplelifehouseliz1.gif (54349 bytes)
The kids building their rooms

simplelifwinterinthewoods3.gif (56971 bytes)
Meditation hut in winter


simplelifewoodcutterjohn.gif (70468 bytes)
Wood for the stove

simplelifedadandsolarpannel.gif (44836 bytes)
Solar panel

simplelifemomanddadhouse.gif (57211 bytes)
More building


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