The History of the Children's Forest
A Case Study in Local Environmental Activism

We have preseved the following material even though the decision has been made about the Children's Forest (Siderod Timber Sale) because it illustrates not only the history of the Children's Forest, but how important ecological decisions get made, and how difficult it is to alter them. In this case, they were changed for the better, but things could have easily turned out otherwise.

Discussions With the Oregon Department of Forestry

Latest News: The Governor Opposes This Sale

Urgent Update: Christmas in the Children's Forest. You Can Make a Difference If You Act Now

Updates: Fall, 2001. The Latest News and What You Can Do

What You Can Do

Print This Flyer and Post It

Follow the Money Tracks

A Quiz for the Oregon Department of Forestry

The People of the Oregon Department of Forestry are not the Bad Guys