Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species

in Your Forest:




What they eat:

Federal endangered species:

Species determined to be in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

Peregrine falcon-Falco peregrinus. Fish, reptiles, lizards, birds, small mammals.
Federal threatened species:

Species likely to become endangered species throughout all or a significant portion of their range within the foreseeable future.

Bald eagle-Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Northern spotted owl-Strix occidentalis caurina.

Fish, birds, waterfowl, small mammals.
Federal candidate species

Candidate species, category 1: Species for which there is substantial information to support listing the      species as threatened or endangered; listing proposals are either being prepared or are delayed by work on higher priority species

Candidate species, catagory 2: Species for which information indicates that listing is possibly appropriate, but conclusive data are not available; additional information is being collected.






Foothill yellow-legged frog-Rana boylii.

Cascade frog-Rana cascade.

Spotted frog-Rana pretiosa.

Northern goshawk- Accipiter gentilis.

Mountain quail-Oreortyx pictus.

Loggerhead shrike-Lanius ludovicianus.

Bull trout -Salvelinus confluentus.

Pacific w. big-eared bat-Plecotus townsendii.

Pacific fisher-

California wolverine-Gulo gulo luteus.

Western pond turtle-Clemmys marmorata.

Northern Goshawk- Birds, small mammals.
California Wolverine- Fish, birds, mammals like mice to deer.
Western pond turtle- Fish, frogs, tadpoles, insects, duck.

Information from the Oregon Department of Forestry's Eastern Region Long-Range Forest Management Plan October 1995.

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