Where we are coming from, and
Basic Questions and Answers

Where we are coming from

We are enthusiastic about the possibility of a genuine Jungian-Christian dialogue, but our enthusiasm is tempered by the difficult history of this dialogue over the last 40 years.

Basic Questions and Answers

1. What is the Jungian-Christian dialogue?

It is the hope that Jungian psychology and Christianity can enter into a dialogue that will enrich them both.

2. What can Christianity learn from Jung's psychology?

Christianity has a tremendous need for an empirical psychology like Jung's. It could be of immense benefit in the fields of spirituality, pastoral care, moral theology, and so forth.

3. What could Jungian psychology learn from Christianity?

Christianity has rich philosophical, theological and mystical traditions that look at the same soul, or psyche, that Jungian psychology looks at from a psychological point of view. They could help Jungian psychology situate itself in a wider context.

4. What is the status of this dialogue?

It is more a promise than a reality. There are serious obstacles on both sides. Christians can lack knowledge of Jung's psychology and fear it as a threat to their beliefs. Even when they are knowledgeable and well-disposed, there are things in Jung's writings that create obstacles to dialogue. Jungians can also lack knowledge about Christian philosophy, theology and mysticism, and feel that Christianity belongs to a pro-scientific age that has little to teach them.