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Where we are coming from

Natural and normal human psychological differences exist. They play an extremely important role in our relationships and in our own self-development. C.G. Jung describes these differences, or psychological types, in the light of the fundamental relationship between the ego and the unconscious, which he called individuation. For him, type development equalled individuation, or psychological wholeness.

These psychological types are related to different body and temperament traits which were well described by W.H. Sheldon, and all of them, in turn, can be related to the wealth of biochemical and genetic information on human differences that is emerging today.

That human differences exist is undeniable. But they can be incredibly hard to diagnose, and it is even harder to use them to become more whole, ourselves.

What is Jungian psychology?

It is a natural science of the human psyche that embraces the world of the ego and the unconscious, or depths of the psyche. It tries to discover the deep structures of the psyche which Jung called archetypes, and its normal process of development, which he called individuation.

Who was C.G. Jung?

C.G. Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist and early follower of Freud who went on a voyage of inner discovery into the depths of his own unconscious and those of his patients, and out of these experiences elaborated his psychology.

What are Jung's psychological types?

They are the result of Jung's study of normal and natural human differences. He found them extremely valuable in helping people understand their relationships. But he felt they were equally valuable in helping us understand ourselves and reach a fuller stage of individuation.

How can I go about discovering my own psychological type?

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What are body types?

Body types are the study of normal and natural human physical differences, especially as presented by W.H. Sheldon.

Who was W.H. Sheldon?

William Sheldon (1898-1977) was an American psychologist who devoted his life to describing physical and temperamental differences, and exploring the relationship between physique and temperament.

How can I learn about body and temperament types?

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