How Does Your Psychological Type
Relate to the Rest of Jung's Psychology?

Typology, or the study of human differences, has a long history both in the East in places like India, and in the West in ancient Greece. It is at once perennially fascinating because it purports to tell us something important about ourselves, and yet its history is riddled with fads and flaws.

Jung's typology can certainly be reduced to a parlor game, but if it is understood in the way Jung understood it, it is a powerful and supple tool for exploring not only our relationships with other people, but our own psyches and how they develop. We could even say that Jung's typology, when seen in all its depth, is identical to Jung's psychology as a whole. It can provide us with a very personal way to live out what he called the process of individuation.

Here in this world of Jungian psychology you will meet his psychology by way of his typology, and even though we will have some fun with various type quizzes, we need to keep on trying to see Jung's typology as the door to his whole psychology.

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