Christians and Ecology

The Christian churches appear to have taken a greater interest in ecology over the last few years if we judge by their official statements, but the impact of these statements certainly pales in comparison with the practical impact individual Christians could have if they saw that a certain simplicity of life was an integral part of living out the Gospel. Christians precisely as Christians appear to have done very little in the practical order, nor do their lives appear from the outside any different from Americans caught up in the normal American consumer lifestyle.

But it is not as if we as Christians are lacking a long history of good example: Jesus, Himself, who had no place to lay his head, the communal life of the early Church, the monks of the desert, Francis of Assisi, the Amish and the Mennonites, modern experiments in simple monasticism, etc.

What we need to do is to see that ecology and simplicity of life flow from the very nature of being Christians, and discover practical ways in which to embody these values in our lives. How can we do this?

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