Exploring Simple Living
An Orientation to This Section

This section addresses three fundamental points:
  1. The basics of simple living like building your own home.
  2. The motivation to attempt a simpler lifestyle. Why swim against the tide of where this society seems to be going?
  3. Radical simplicity. An analysis of the deep implications of simple and sustainable living.

Our Approach:

  1. There is a great deal of information available about the basics of simple living like home building, gardening, solar electricity, and so forth. We have experimented in these things ourselves, and tell our own story, and put you in contact with some resources about these issues.
  2. But our chief interest lies in what motivates people to actually change their way of life. Simple living is meant to lead to interior treasures of time, freedom, and self-development.
  3. Radical simplicity is our attempt to push these insights about simple and sustainable living to their limit. The best thing Americans could do for the rest of the world is to say we have enough, and actually go on to the next step in our inner development instead of accumulating ever greater piles of things at the price of others not having what they really need.