Natural Building Colloquium 1999 - Part 3

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Kiko Denzer
PO Box 576
Blodgett, OR 97326
Phone: 541-438-4300


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Kiko has a new edition of the book pictured to the right, and he says: "List price is $14.95 plus $2.50
shipping and handling. It's now 128 pages long, with more drawings, color, and expanded instructions for both oven and bread-making (real sourdough "hearth-style" loaves)."

Kiko, a sculptor, talks about his work with earth, and his interest in ovens because he is also a baker.

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For more information go to the 
Cob Oven Page.

He also has a new book called Dig Your Hands in the Dirt: A Manual for Making Art out of Earth.
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Jason Saunders
Phone: 541-453-5471

Jason talks about building his own strawbale house (on the right), and his desire to use different natural materials.

Why conventional buildings do not make sense.


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Raphaelle Tinawi
Phone: 650-938-7565

Raphaelle, an architect, talks about her interest in both natural building and communities.

Raphaelle on the five elements of life that you need to live simply and sustainably.

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Todd Miller
Sandy, OR
Phone: 503-668-0250

Todd, an architect and natural builder, talks about his passions for both the natural and the spiritual worlds which intertwine with natural building.

Todd on his disenchantment with conventional building.

nbdeanne.jpg (8207 bytes) Deanne Bednar
Phone: 248-363-1756

Deanne talks encouragingly about how a beginner like herself can build a house.

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Eliam Shoemaker
Allegra Brucker
Phone: 530-462-4720

Eliam's interest in combining sculpture with architecture.

Eliam on the house he and Allegra are building.

Their interest in teaching children.

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Allegra's interest in hybrid structures combining natural materials, and how she first got started.

Allegra on how she decided to build a house for her senior project, and what a great adventure it has been for her.

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Robert Bolman from Eugene, OR

Robert, a professional builder, talks about the two straw bale houses he is now building.

Robert on his slide show called "Natural Building and Social Justice" and how we should all try to live a simpler lifestyle for the benefit of everyone.