Our New Sun Room

Part of the roof of our old office is broken,
but instead of repairing it, we decide to build a new,
more dramatic one, put lots of windows in the roof,
and call it our new sun room!
sun 01 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
First Jim cuts 4 beautiful beams
sun 02 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
Then we prepare to get them up on the roof
sun 03 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
Success - but not easy!
sun 04 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
Then Jim drills holes before mounting them
sun 05 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
Here they are, with the beginning of a framing
sun 06 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
The framing grows
sun 07 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
Next we take down the old, lower roof
sun 08 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
And then we take a lunch break.
sun 09 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
Then we place windows in the roof framing
sun 13 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
Here are the 11 windows in our new roof
sun 10 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
And here it is!

But we can't stop here.
We need to add some beautiful details.

sun 11 2002.bmp (921654 bytes)
We add stairs made from wood slabs
sun 19 2003.bmp (921654 bytes)
And hang plants from the new beams
sun_12_2002.jpg (12952 bytes)
And some more plants
sun 15 2003.bmp (921654 bytes)
It needs a dash of color from flowers
sun 22 2003.bmp (921654 bytes)
And a little palm tree.
sun 17 2003.bmp (921654 bytes)
We put in the special stained glass window Jim made a couple of years ago
sun 25 2003.bmp (921654 bytes)
And a bamboo plant moves in
sun 23 2003.bmp (921654 bytes)
Jim makes a special fountain with abalone shells
sun 27 2003.bmp (921654 bytes) sun 30 2003.bmp (921654 bytes)
Here is a closer look
P.S. For those of you who were wondering, when we have one of our infrequent showers during the summer, we have a large tarp that we can rapidly throw over the whole roof and tie down. During the winter we take out the 11 windows, cover the empty holes with sturdy pieces of plywood, and replace the tarp for complete protection. Also during the winter we put in 8 temporary braces so that each one of the four beams is securely braced in two places. This means if we have a heavy snow winter of four feet or more, the roof will be fine in the spring. (We often go away in the winter. We also put braces in all the other areas of our house, greenhouse, etc. for the same reason. Four feet of snow on your roof can get pretty heavy.)