Christian Spirituality Today
and Tomorrow - DVD

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Christian Spirituality Today and Tomorrow

90 Minutes
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Explores what is happening in the field of Christian spirituality in the U.S. today and what developments might be on the horizon by means of interviews with men and women who work in the field: visit with Tom Santa, the director of the new Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, Kansas, and tour one of the country's most carefully planned retreat facilities. And in a series of interviews taped at the Spiritual Life Center meet Margaret Goldsbury of Our Lady of Peace Spiritual Life Center in Rhode Island, Patrick Eastman, director of spirituality for the Diocese of Tulsa, and Jane Comerford, director of Still Point, Seattle, Washington.

The video concludes with an overview on the present state, and future possibilities of Christian spirituality given by James Arraj at the Spiritual Life Center, August 1991.

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Tom Santa

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Patrick Eastman
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Jane Comerford
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Jim Arraj 


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The Spiritual
Life Center


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More information on Fr. Patrick Eastman

Fr. Patrick Eastman is now AssociatePastor at St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish. In association with a group of lay people he publishes Monos, a bi-monthly Journal of Contemplative Spirituality, and acts as Spiritual leader of The Monos Community. Information can be obtained from  or at 3997 East 101st Street, Tulsa, OK  74137,  Tel. (918) 299 9406,  Fax:  299 7796.

More on Jane Comerford, CSJ

Jane is the co-founder of the Seattle Institute for Spirituality. Her work is focused on helping people "restore their soul" through her ministry of spiritual direction, expressive arts therapy, and Reiki treatments. She is a support to many people who are seeking meaning in their lives and living through times of transition. She leads pilgrimages to sacred sites throughout the world in order to explore spiritual traditions. She can be reached at 206-367-7524.