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Christian Mysticism

Where the mysticism of John of the Cross enters into dialogue with modern attempts to renew the contemplative life like centering prayer, Christian meditation and the Catholic charismatic movement


Basic Questions and Answers

Exploring Christian Mysticism: An Orientation to This Section

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St. John of the Cross

Meet St. John of the Cross, our Guide to the World of Christian Mysticism:

An Illustrated Life of John of the Cross

cm2.jpg (5765 bytes) In Spain with St. John of the Cross: DVD (video introduction, plus transcript online)

A Guide to Important Books about
St. John of the Cross and Christian Mysticism

Drawing of Christ by St. John of the Cross

What is Contemplation According to St. John of the Cross?

Selected Quotes from St. John of the Cross
on the Journey of the Soul to God by Contemplation

St. John and the Beginning of
: Reading

John of the Cross' Teaching on
: Reading

Towards a Theology of Mysticism: Reading

Are There Really Contemplatives
: CD (transcript online)

St. John of the Cross: Discussion I

St. John of the Cross: Discussion II

Infused Contemplation: An Interview

The Paradox of Human Suffering: Essay

JungandJohnsumwindowsbmp24.BMP (921654 bytes) Christian Mysticism and Jungian Psychology: DVD  (transcript online)


Mersch, Maritain and Mystical Theology: Reading

Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange and the Renewal of the Contemplative Life: Essay

John of St. Thomas on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Stories of People Today Trying to Live the Christian Contemplative Life

Raissa's Journal

Six Stories: I

More Stories: II

More Stories: III

A Spiritual Itinerary - Contemplation Hidden in the World

A Journey into God: A Story


cm3.jpg (2962 bytes) A Contemplative Journey:
A Visit with Joseph Patchett
(transcript online)

Blossoms of Silence:
A Visit with Jim Grob: DVD 
(transcript online)

Jim Grob on his East-West Contemplative
: A Story

swanwindowsbmp24.BMP (921654 bytes) A Visit with a Contemplative:
(transcript online)

A Wayfarer's Spiritual Journey as a Contemplative in the World: A Story

A Journeyer: A Story


Sharing Your Story

What is the Christian Prayer and
Contemplation Forum, and how to share?

An Introduction to The Christian Prayer and Contemplation Forum: Reading

Prayer Questionnaire

Online Membership Directory: Discover people with similar interests

How to sign up to be part of the Online Membership Directory


The Western Catholic Mystical Tradition and Its Problems

A Revolution of Mystical Consciousness: Reading

Acquired Contemplation in the
17th Century
: Reading

A Lost World of Christian Mysticism: Reading

Catholic Mysticism in the First Half of the
20th Century
: Reading

The Mystical Revivals of the 20th
: Reading

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The Modern History of Western Christian Mysticism: Discussion

Discalced Carmelite Research Photo Gallery

Three Books on the History of Carmelite Mysticism: Essay

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Visit the online discussions on Christian Spirituality issues at our sister site at Shalomplace.com

NEW  Critical Questions in Christian Contemplative Practice

The Readings below come from the
following two online books:

From St. John of the Cross to Us: The Story of a 400 Year Long Misunderstanding and What it Means for the Future of Christian Mysticism Complete Book Online

St. John of the Cross and Dr. C.G. Jung: Christian Mysticism in the Light of Jungian Psychology Complete Book Online

* * * * * * * * * *

Dreaming of a Spiritual Community?


Wisdom and St. Louis de Montfort Essay

Lost Treasures: 17th Century Mystical Texts

Lost Treasures: John of the Cross in Mexico

Sayings of St. Teresa of Avila on the Beginning of Infused Contemplation, compiled by Joseph Patchett, OCDS

James Cowan on John of the Cross

An Interview with James Cowan, Australian Novelist and Poet, about his new book on St. Anthony

Climbing Mount Toubkal by James Cowan


Modern Attempts to Renew the Life of Prayer and Contemplation

Questions at the Heart of the Renewal of
Christian Mysticism:
A Survey

Christian Contemplation Today: Reading

Christian Spirituality in the 21st Century: Essay

Questions about Centering Prayer: Discussion

Questions about Centering Prayer II: Discussion

Visit the Shalomplace Discussion on Centering Prayer

Thomas Keating and Ruth Burrows: Reading

cm6.jpg (3073 bytes)
A Centering Prayer Retreat with Fr. M. Basil Pennington, O.S.M.O.: DVD  (transcript online)
cm7.jpg (3279 bytes) John Main and the Practice of Christian Meditation: DVD  (transcript online)

John Main's Christian Meditation: Discussion

Silence and Stillness in Prayer: The Message of Dom John Main by Paul Harris: Essay

catcs322.jpg (5730 bytes) Renewing the Christian Mystical Tradition: A Visit with
Ernest Larkin: DVD

An Interview with Ernest Larkin, O.Carm

The Charismatic Movement: Reading

An Open Letter to Catholic Charismatics: Discussion

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Christian Spirituality Today and Tomorrow: DVD


Faith, Darkness and the Life of Prayer

A Psychological Dark Night: Reading

The Way of Faith: Reading

Darkness and the Life of Prayer: Essay

Is it Depression, or is it the
Loss of the Affective Ego Leading to Spiritual Gain?

Dark Nights, Depression and the Loss of the Affective Ego: Discussion


Spiritual Experiences and Their Dangers

Extraordinary Experiences: Essay

Contemplative Questions: Discussion

A Spiritual Odyssey: A Story

A Cautionary Note on Seeking Experiences

Psychic Energy andContemplation: Reading

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction: A Contemporary Experience, and an Interview with Don Bisson

Beginners and Contemplatives: Reading

A Healing Ministry - Nancy Lane: A Story

Psychological Types and Spiritual Direction: Reading

Spiritual Direction, Community and Type: Reading


Christian Contemplation and Eastern Enlightenment. See: East-West Contemplative Dialogue


The Life of Prayer and Contemplation, and Lifestyle

Amour Fou: Sex, Marriage and Contemplation: Essay

Two Secrets That Can Transform
Your Marriage
: Essay

twosecretscouple.jpg (8880 bytes)

Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage:
A Retreat for Married Couples:
DVD (transcript online)



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