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Christian Theology and Morality

Where Christian Theology and Morality, rooted in the
best of the past, looks at contemporary  problems ranging
from human origins to birth control

Basic Questions and Answers

Exploring Christian Theology: An Orientation to This Section

The Christian Mysteries

The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus DVD
The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus  Complete book online

Can Christians Still Believe? The Beginning of the Universe, Evolution and Human Origins, Original Sin, and the Jesus of History and the Jesus of Faith Complete Book Online

Philip St. Romain's Audio/Visual Presentation of the Christian Mysteries

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Emile Mersch, S.J.

Emile Mersch and his The Theology of the Mystical Body: Reading

Theological Gems from Emile Mersch's The Theology of the Mystical Body

Emile Mersch: The Teaching of Philosophy on Man and his Unity

Emile Mersch: The Human Consciousness of Christ and the Consciousness of Christians

Emile Mersch: The Perfecting of Christ's Human Nature by the Incarnation

Emile Mersch: Theological Theory

The Emile Mersch Photo Gallery

Lost Treasures: Part of the Final Manuscripts
of Emile Mersch's The Theology of the Mystical Body

The Unity of the Human Race: Reading

The Human Consciousness of Jesus: Reading

Human Origins and Catholic Doctrine: Discussion

Creation and Original Sin: Reading

The Supernatural: Reading

The Person of Jesus: Essay

A Doctrinal Crisis?

A Crisis in Catholic Theology; Theology Without a Net. Reading

A Crisis of Faith? Essay/Discussion

The Inner Nature of Faith

Faith as a Personal Experience: Reading

What is Faith?: Discussion

The Rediscovery of the Nature of Faith in the Scriptures, Fathers and Theologians: Reading

Knowledge by Faith in Theology and

Christian Knowledge: Reading

Faith and Method in Theology: Discussion

The Inner Nature of Faith: Reading

Contemporary Catholic Theology

Father Brown's Graffiti by Tim Weldon

An Interview with Karl Rahner on Catholic Theology Today

The State of Contemporary Catholic Theology: Essay

What is the Current State of Catholic Philosophy and Theology Today? Discussion

An Open Letter to Young "Orthodox" Catholics

NEW! The First True Humans - Essay

NEW! The Radical Reform of the Institutional Catholic Church - Collection of essays

 The Church, the Council and the Unconscious: How Hidden Forces Shaped the Catholic Church - Complete Book Online

Fundamental Philosophical and Theological Principles and Their Application to Non-Duality and Intelligent Machines - Essay

The Readings below come from the following online books:

Christianity in the Crucible of East-West Dialogue: A Critical Look at Catholic Participation Complete Book Online

Essays in Existential Thomism
Complete Book Online

Mind Aflame: The Theological Vision of One of the World's Great Theologians: Emile Mersch Complete Book Online

The Inner Nature of Faith: A Mysterious Knowledge Coming Through the Heart
Complete Book Online

Is There a Solution to the Catholic Debate on Contraception? Complete Book Online

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Church Reform

Beyond Clerical Sexual Abuse Discussion

The Exercise of Authority in the Church and the Challenge of Cyberspace: Discussion

On Being a Catholic: Discussion 

Moral and Pastoral Issues

An Interview with Joseph Ferraro on St. John of the Cross, Marx, and Catholic Social Doctrine

Is There a Solution to the Catholic Debate on Contraception? Reading

An Open Debate on Contraception? Discussion

Gender, Sex, Marriage and the Clerical
: Discussion

Towards a Christian Theology of
: Essay

Christian Marriage in the Light of Salvation History: Reading

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A Woman's View of Vatican II and the Modern Church  with Sr. Mary Luke Tobin, SL: DVD
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Straight Talk: Teenagers and Sex: DVD
th4.jpg (4240 bytes) The Silent Transformation: Spainsh-Speaking Catholics in the United States: DVD (transcript online)

New Communities in the Aftermath of
Vatican II
An Essay

A Guide to Important Books about
Christian Theology

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