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The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas
in the Light of Jacques Maritain

Where the metaphysics of St. Thomas looks at the mystery of existence, and its philosophy of nature enters into dialogue with the natural sciences

Basic Questions and Answers 

Exploring Metaphysics: An Orientation to This Section

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The Metaphysics of St. Thomas

The Mystery of Metaphysics: Reading

Essence and Existence, and the
Existence of God:

The Cultivation of the
Intuition of Being:

The Practice of Is: Essay

Essence and Existence: Texts: Reading

Philosophical Contemplation: Reading

ph5.jpg (3332 bytes) A Taste of Existence: An Interview with W. Norris Clarke, S.J.: DVD  (transcript online)

A Creative Retrieval of Thomism: Another Visit with W. Norris Clarke, S.J.: DVD  (transcript online)

Being and Action: Reading

Body, Soul and the
Spiritual Unconscious

ph2.jpg (3932 bytes) John Knasas on Thomist Metaphysics
Past, Present and Future

How Real is the Real Distinction Between Essence and Existence?: Points for Discussion

The Metaphysics of St. Thomas in One Simple But Not Easy Lesson:
Points for Discussion

Can the Existence of God be known by reason?:
Points for Discussion

Some Notes on the History of the Evolution of the Intuition of Being: Essay

Cultivating the Intuition of Being:
Points for Discussion

St. Thomas Aquinas Photo Gallery

William Carlo, Thomist Metaphysician Extraordinaire: Essay

Maritain's Lost Sequel to The Degrees of Knowledge
and the Future of Thomism

The Ultimate Reducibility of Essence and Matter to Existence: Essay with a cartoon by Jude Chua

Vanishing Subsistence? Essay

The Inner Nature of Law: Essay

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Jacques Maritain

The Man Who Loved Wisdom: The Story of Jacques Maritain:
(video introduction, plus transcript online)

The Maritain Photo Gallery

The Maritain DVD Contributor
Photo Gallery

ph4.jpg (3094 bytes) Jacques Maritain's Farewell to America: A visit with Elizabeth Fourest:
(transcript online)

Some Conditions of a
Thomistic Renaissance
: Essay


Links and Resources






Searching for Adam and Eve - Essay

The Readings below come from the following online books:

NEW  Can Christians Still Believe? The Beginning of the Universe, Evolution and Human Origins, Original Sin, and the Jesus of History and the Jesus of Faith Complete Book Online

Essays in Existential Thomism Complete Book Online

Mysticism, Metaphysics and Maritain:
On the Road to the Spiritual Unconscious
Complete Book Online

God, Zen and the Intuition of Being
Complete Book Online

The Mystery of Matter: Nonlocality,
Morphic Resonance, Synchronicity and the Philosophy of Nature of Thomas Aquinas
Complete Book Online

* * * * * * *

Metaphysics and Matter: A Dialogue Between W. Norris Clarke, S.J. and James Arraj

Lost Treasures: A Dialogue Between Mulla Sadra and Thomas Aquinas

Islamic Metaphysics and Thomism:
A Visit with Jason Escalante

Contemporary Thomism: An Interview with J.L.A. West

Contemporary Thomism: An Interview with Enrique Alarcon

A Guide to Important Books about

A Philosophy of Nature in Dialogue with the Natural Sciences

William Wallace, OP, Historian and Philosopher of Science Interview

A Thomist Philosophy of


The Beginning of the Universe: Reading

Nonlocality and Maritain's Dream of a Philosophy of Nature: Essay

David Bohm's Interpretation of
Quantum Theory:

Quantum Theory and the Philosophy
of Nature:

God and the New Physics: CD

The Matter of Matter: Reading

An Interview with William Stoeger, Astrophysicist and Theologian

An Interview with Wolfgang Smith on Science and Philosophy

A Tongue-in-Cheek Thomist
Story of Creation:


Evolution and Human Origins: Reading

Rupert Sheldrake's Formative

Formative Causation and
Formal Causes

Evolution: The Human


See Jungian-Christian Dialogue

ph6.jpg (3158 bytes) Thomism Today: Europe: DVD
(transcript online)

Thomism Today

The Thomist Circle: Reports from Thomists Around the World: Jude Chua, Singapore; Louise Harrison, Belfast; Jeffery C. Kalb, Jr., USA; George P. Loczewski, Germany; Frederic Ripoll, Toulouse, France; Benedikt Ritzler, Germany; Esteban Trento, Argentina

Whatever Happened to Thomism?: Essay

The World of Christian Philosophy: Multimedia