The Thomist Circle

What's New in the World of Thomist Philosophy?

The philosophy of St. Thomas needs to constantly renew itself by living contact with its fundamental issues, and by engaging in pressing contemporary issues. Here you will find reports from the frontiers of Thomism, especially by younger and/or independent Thomists, written by themselves.

Jude Chua, Singapore, on Two New Thomist E-Journals

Louise Harrison, Belfast, on the Metaphysics of the Unconscious

Jeffery C. Kalb, Jr., USA,   Thomism, Mathematics and Science

George P. Loczewski, Germany, on a Computer Simulation of Thomistic Metaphysics

Frederic Ripoll, Toulouse, on Photography and Thomism

Benedikt Ritzler, Germany, on Maritain's Philosophy of the Person

Esteban Trento, Argentina, An Incredible Collection of Thomist Resources