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Maritain Resources

American Maritain Association
Visit the AMA website at
AMA e-mail list info: Nick C. Lund-Molfese at

The Jacques Maritain Center
The Jacques Maritain Center at the University of Notre Dame contains an extensive archive of papers and books by and about Jacques Maritain. Visit their web site at:

Centre Jacques Maritain De L'institut Catholique de Toulouse
58, Rue Achille-Viadieu
Bâtiment B
F-31400 Toulouse
Tel. 05. 61. 52.79.87 

Institut International Jacques Maritain
The Institute holds conferences and publishes Notes et Documents.
Secrétariat Général
Via Flavia, 104
00187 Roma, Italy
Tel. 06.4874336-4874601

Cercle d'etudes Jacques et Raissa Maritain
This is the home of the majority of the Maritain papers, as well as their personal memorabilia. It publishes Cahiers Jacques Maritain.
21, rue de la Division Leclerc
F-67120 Molsheim
E-Mail Address:
Tel.: 33 (0)3 88 96 17 90

Association canadienne "J. Maritain"

Australian Maritain Association
3/116 Woodburn Road, Berala
Sydney, N.S.W. 2141

The Jacques Maritain Institute of Brasil
Avenida Paulista, 1.439 - 5 and - conj. 54
S. Paulo - SP

Thomist Resources

Do you want to find out more about St. Thomas Aquinas and Thomism? Visit these fine sites to discover more about the life of St. Thomas, his works online, and the world of Thomism.

The American Catholic Philosophical Association

A David Bohm website

Faith Meets Philosophy

An Incredible Collection of St. Thomas Links - See also our Thomist Circle

The International Society of St. Thomas Aquinas

The International Society of St. Thomas Aquinas in Spain

Joseph Magee's Thomistic Philosophy Page

Jacques Maritain online at the Maritain Center at Notre Dame:

Revue Thomiste

More Information On Rupert Sheldrake

Stephen Loughlin's St. Thomas site

The Aquinas Translation Project

St. Thomas' Works Online

Thomas Aquinas' Opera Omnia online

Thomas Instituut Utrecht

The Thomist

Thomist e-nstitute   - See also our Thomist Circle


For more information about the dialogue between science and religion, visit The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences and Science and Spirit Resources

For a Thomist look at the modern sciences, visit The Thomist Institute at the University of Notre Dame.

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