Exploring Christian Theology
An Orientation to This Section

This section has four main goals:
  1. To discover the nature of faith.
  2. To examine the nature of theology.
  3. To meditate on the central mysteries of Christianity.
  4. To look at the question of existential morality in terms of the concrete case of contraception.

Our approach:

  1. Faith is a mysterious knowledge that comes about through love, and by it we are brought into intimate union with God. Faith is at the root of the practice of the Christian life so we need to try to understand its nature.
  2. Theology is the intense use of our minds to reflect upon and try to fathom something of the depths of the Christian mysteries we hold by faith. In the concrete it cannot be separated from faith in and love of these mysteries.
  3. The Christian should never be afraid to try to understand what he or she believes in. Here we look at the question of creation, evolution, human origins, original sin, and so forth.
  4. Christian morality is based not only on an analysis of the nature of things, but of the fallen-redeemed state that we find ourselves in. We try to understand something of this kind of existential morality by looking at the question of contraception.