Natural Building Colloquium 1999 - Part 1

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Ianto Evans and his partner Linda Smiley run the Cob Cottage Company in  Cottage Grove, Oregon. They have traveled extensively to give cob workshops and helped found the Natural Building Colloquia.

Ianto talks about natural building.

Ianto on the Natural Building Colloquium, now in its fourth year

Their address now is:
Cob Cottage Company
PO Box 942
Coquille, OR 97423
Tel. 541-396-1825

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Shannon C. Dealy runs DeaTech Research Inc.
and is the webmaster for the Cob Cottage Company webpage. Phone: (800) 467-5820. E-Mail: The Cob Cottage website is

Shannon on his work as a webmaster, and his zero dollars per square foot building.

Shannon on the materials in his house (on right) that he is building.

Shannon on merging both hi-tech and low-tech in his life.

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Angelique Clarke. E-Mail:

Angelique introduces herself.

Angelique describes what feng shui is.

Angelique talks about her interest in merging feng shui, permaculture and natural building.

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nblarry1.jpg (9935 bytes) Larry Haun is a long-time builder, and is the author of several books on building.


Larry talks with sensitivity and caring about the joy of building with wood.

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Michael "Breeze" Mundell
PO Box 491
Williams, OR 97544

Breeze, an architect, talks about natural building.

Breeze on his latest architectural designs.

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David Baty, 22667 Highway 1
Marshall, CA 94940
Phone: 415-663-8708

David, a natural builder, talks about simple house designs he has created  and his latest natural house.

David on his disenchantment with ordinary building practices.

David on wanting to build in Mendocino County, California because it is friendly to natural building.

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David Margoliash.
Phone: 415-789-7678

David's excitement about the possibilities of natural building.

David's desire to learn more.

David on his optimism for the future.

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Natural Building Colloquium - Part 2