Natural Building Colloquium 1999 - Part 2

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nbmichele.jpg (6235 bytes) Michele Brooks, Portland, OR
Phone: 503-299-1264 at City Repair

Michele talks eloquently about the projects of City Repair which uses found materials to create friendly neighborhoods such as the crossroads at right, a tea house, etc.

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Michael Munzer

Michael talks about being a recent convert to natural building.

Michael on the healing and artistic aspects of natural building.

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Paul Salas from Rio Rancho, NM. Phone: 505-238-1485 E-Mail:

Paul talks about his research   on stabilizing earthen materials

Paul's professional background, and his initial involvement with adobe.

Paul talks about his cob machine.

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Tracy Calvert - Canada
Busi. Phone: 250-652-6515
An example of her fine work is on the right.

Tracy, a natural builder, mainly builds with cob.

Tracy hopes to be in a building cooperative.

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nbpatrick.jpg (8051 bytes)
Patrick Hennebery
RR 1
Mayne Island
BC Canada VON 2J0
Phone: 250-539-5253

Patrick talks about being a
builder of cob houses.

He wants to provide a cob contracting service.

Patrick about the high cost of ordinary building materials vs. natural materials.

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Great baked goods at the Camp!

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Coenraad as the host of the Colloquium on the Camp as a place for natural buiding to flourish.

Coenraad's hope that people will come to the camp for renewal.


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Coenraad Rogmans
Camp Latgawa
Medford, OR 97524
Phone: 541-826-9699

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Elke Cole is a natural architect from Vancouver Island, Canada. Her building business is called "Footprints" - Houses that Love You Back
Phone: 250-338-4660

Elke on her background and introduction to natural building.

Why she works with natural building.


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