Discovering the Painted Caves
of Baja California:
A Visit with Harry W. Crosby - DVD

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Discovering the Painted Caves of Baja California with Harry W. Crosby 
The Hidden Magic of Baja California

An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation in the Californias 

Exploring the Other Baja California, a DVD Collection
of three movies for $25 which includes:

Discovering the Painted Caves of Baja: with Harry Crosby. 37 Minutes
DVD $24.95 for all three movies How to Order
The Hidden Magic of Baja, 22 Minutes
An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation in the Californias 11 Minutes. This is the companion DVD to An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation in the Californias book.


Harry Crosby is one of the great modern explorers of Baja California. He spent months on muleback in its rugged mountainous interior discovering and recording its ancient cave art, and he became fascinated with the daily lives and the history of the current inhabitants of those sierras, some of whom are the descendants of the soldiers who accompanied the first Jesuit missionaries to Baja California two hundred years ago. He documented these adventures in books like Last of the Californios, The Cave Paintings of Baja California, and Antigua California, and here he introduces us to this other Baja California.

Format: The interview is interspersed with beautiful scenes of cave paintings and rancho life in the Sierra de San Francisco.


Find out about Harry Crosby's new novel on Baja California "Portrait of Paloma" at

For good information about travelling in Baja California visit the Vagabundos del Mar travel club.


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