An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation
in the Californias - Book Online

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By James Arraj. 154pp, paper. Large format, 11" x 7 7/8". Copyright 2002.
$24.95. This is a special order item you can only get from us. ISBN: 0-914073-11-7

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Table of Contents


A Short Orientation
Chapter 1: First Encounters

Clemente Guillén, Physical Geography, The Expeditions of Clemente Guillén, A Guaycura Geography, The 1719 Expedition, The 1720 Expedition

Chapter 2: Misión Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores
     Clemente Guillén, 1725 Letter to Casafuerte, 1730 Informe, The Great Rebellion, 1734-1737, A New Mission

Chapter 3: Misión San Luis Gonzaga
Lamberto Hostell, La Pasión, Miguel del Barco on La Pasión, Descripción y Toponimia, The Changing of the Guard, Guillén’s 1744 Report, Juan Javier Bischoff, 1750s,

Chapter 4: The Guaycuras at Misión San Luis Gonzaga
     Jacobo Baegert, The Mission, Los Dolores, The Guaycura Indians, 1762 Visit of Lizasoáin

Chapter 5: The Guaycuran Language
     The Uchití, The Cubí, The Guaycura Language, A Guaycura Vocabulary, The Origin of the Guaycura Language

Chapter 6: The Last of the Guaycuras
     The Expulsion of the Jesuits, The Suppression of Los Dolores and San Luis, In Exile at Todos Santos, The Last of the Guaycuras

Chapter 7: Heavenly and Earthly Calculations
     The 1730 Informe, The 1744 Informe, The Jesuit Missionary Enterprise, The Hunter-Gatherers, Infectious Diseases and Death, Mission Theology

Chapter 8: The Age of the Ranchos
     Forgotten Mission Roads, Rancho San Luis, Simón Avilés, Soldier, José Longinos, Naturalist, Cyprien Combier, French Merchant, W.C.S. Smith, American ‘49er

Chapter 9: Intermedios
     The 1851 Census, The 1853 Tax Roll, William Gabb, American Naturalist, Arthur North, American Writer, Griffing Bancroft, American Sailor, Marquis MacDonald, Glenn Oster, American Travelers, Traditional Rancho Life, The Twilight of the Ranchos?

Chapter 10: Archaeology in the Guaycura Nation
     William Massey, The Religion of the Guaycuras, Wands, Pipes, Tablas, La Pasión Placa, The Cave of the Initiations, Hair Capes, The Inner World of the Guaycuras, The Origins of the Baja California Hair Cape Shamanism, Guaycuran Origins, Ancient Shamanism in Baja California, Dart Throwers, Dart Throwers Among the Uchití-Cubí? Projectile Points, The Castaldí Collection, The Massey Collection, The Kowta Collection, El Conchalito, The Guaycura Nation Digital Archive, Materials, Workmanship, The Clovis People, Beyond Clovis, The First Baja Californians

Notes on and Sources of the Illustrations


Map 1. Fernando Consag, 1746
Map 2. The Physical Geography of the Guaycura nation
Map 3. A Guaycura Geography
Map 4. The 1719 Expedition
Map 5. The 1720 Expedition
Map 6. Tribes and Languages
Map 7. Mission Era Roads
Map 8. Intermedios Ranchos by the 1850s

Table 1. The Decline of the Guaycuras
Table 2. The Central Road
Table 3. The Gulf Road
Table 4. The Road to Bahía de Santa María Magdalena
Table 5. Projectile Point Classifications

Plate 1. The Mission Era
Plate 2. The Rancho Era
Plate 3. Archaeology
Plate 4. Archaeology



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James Arraj, author

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Tyra Arraj


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